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Miori Shiotome
Miori Shiotome profile picture
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relatives Miuna Shiotome (daughter)
Itaru Shiotome (husband)
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Miori Shiotome is the mother of Miuna Shiotome and former wife to Itaru Shiotome.


Miori was a beautiful woman with long dark hair, her eyes were sea blue, from her sea origins.


Miori Shiodome was originally from the sea, but married a person from the surface named, Itaru Shiotome. She was thereby banished from the sea because if she had a baby, it would have no ena and therefore fewer decendants, but her love gave her a reason to leave the sea. They later had a daughter named Miuna. She passed away a few years later of unknown reasons.

Akari remembers Miori

Miori having lunch with her daughter and a younger Akari

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