Itaru Shiotome

Character 11

Character 19

Age 22

27 (After time skip)

Gender Male
Height 180cm
Personal Status
Relatives Miuna Shiotome (daughter)
Akira Shiotome (son)
Miori Shiotome (wife)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Junji Majima
English Voice Grant George
Itaru Shiotome (潮留 至) is the father of Miuna Shiotome and the husband to Miori Shiotome.


Itaru has straight black hair that grows down from above his ears. Before the time skip, he is seen wearing an aero blue and acapulco colored polo shirt that go along with his grey khakis and black oxford shoes. After the time skip, he is seen wearing a grey-blue colored sweater over a blue dress shirt. It also appears that he grows his hair out so that the back grows towards his neck. 



Miori ShiotomeEdit

Miori is Itaru's wife. Together, they had a daughter, Miuna. Itaru cared deeply for Miori and gained his interest of the sea from her. 

Miuna Shiotome Edit

Miuna is Itaru's first daughter that he had with Miori. 

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